Increasing Productivity with Windows 7 and Intel(R) Core(TM) based mobile clients

The role of IT organizations is to deliver value by increasing employee productivity, driving business efficiency, facilitating business growth, or by delivering IT efficiency and continuity.  During economic downturns, IT is often called upon to step up and deliver even more value.  This is exactly what Windows 7 with the latest Intel Core-based mobile platforms delivers.  This is why I am so excited that we are well down the path to full deployment of the new OS with our enterprise release just around the corner.

Windows 7, along with the performance from the latest Intel-based mobile clients, enables us to deliver to our overall client strategy of delivering productivity and flexibility to our employees while reducing TCO.  Our testing has shown that Windows 7 improves productivity with higher application responsiveness, a better user interface, and improved stability.  The new OS also enables clients to be managed easier, helping to drive lower TCO through reduced service desk calls. Finally, the enhanced security and application control features are complementary with Intel vPro technology and give us better data protection.  To ensure we capture this value as quickly as possible, we are preparing for an aggressive enterprise adoption of Windows 7 coupled with our continued PC refresh strategy.

I hope you find this video pertinent and I encourage you to respond and share your ideas on what your company is doing to drive employee productivity or how you are taking advantage of Windows 7 and the new Core-based platforms.

Thank you,
Diane Bryant, Intel CIO