INFOGRAPHIC: Evolution of 64-bit Computing

In 1971, Intel launched the 4-bit 4004 microprocessor - a revolutionary, fingernail-sized processor that was just as powerful as the first, room-sized electronic computer. 43 years later, the 4-bit processor has evolved - Intel has launched a 64-bit processor equipped for mobile computing. As Intel continues to lead the charge in innovative computing, it’s important to recognize the steps along the way that have led us to 64-bit mobile capabilities. Important steps along the way include the first 64-bit processor in 1988; and Intel and Apple's full support of 64-bit apps in Mac OS X.

This infographic begins in 1971 and shows the progress made over the past few decades as the microprocessor has evolved and developed the latest technology in 64-bit computing.

- IT Peer Network Administrator

64-Bit-Timeline Snapshot.jpg

(See the full infographic here)

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