Information Security Best Practices from Intel IT

Intel IT’s Information Security team embraces new use models and emerging technologies to help protect and secure business and personal information and effectively manage risk to the enterprise. A new IT@Intel whitepaper discusses why Intel IT has deployed Full Disk Encryption to more than 75 percent of eligible corporate PCs.

The Intel IT team has also started deploying new Solid-State Drives (SSDs) as a corporate PC standard to boost employee productivity, improve reliability and lower costs. An added benefit of using SSDs is that the increased drive performance removes any performance overhead that can be experience with Full Disk Encryption – thereby helping our business be more secure and more productive.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Malcolm Harkins, Intel IT Chief Information Security Officer about assessing risk inside and Enterprise IT enviroment.  Malcolm shared that the biggest risk we face is the "Misperception of Risk".  Malcolm shares his thoughts on this topic at the 2009 Intel Security Conference in this video on the Misperception of Risk

Chris Peters, Intel IT