Infrastructure and What Is Now Possible

“The new center of possibility” is the theme of Intel’s involvement in HP Discover 2015 in Las Vegas this year. What does that mean? As I look back at what technology has delivered over my career, the transformation is amazing. One of my early jobs was to scan documents and convert them to digital format. At the time, almost nothing was digital first. Today, why would anyone create a document that you cannot easily edit, when there is the possibility to transform and evolve the document simply and efficiently within a digital format? This is equally true for all businesses because of the changes in computing and the data center.

Over the past decade, the cost of computing has dropped 40 percent and the cost of storage has reduced 90 percent, while network capabilities have increased by a factor or 40. These changes, in conjunction with the innovation each of your businesses brings to the table, is driving the digital service economy.

Intel, with partners like HP, is creating a more efficient data center infrastructure, which requires innovation across every chip, platform and application. This is one of the key trends that is driving the data center of the future and in turn, driving the new center of possibility.


The journey to the Software-Defined Infrastructure

Last year HP and Intel unveiled the Apollo platform designed for High Performance Computing environments. Intel worked closely with HP to design a solution to solve many of its own internal challenges related to the platforms necessary for designing and manufacturing silicon. HP also announced the Helion platform, which aligns with work that Intel has fostered in Openstack for the past several years.

During HP Discover 2014, HP and Intel held discussions about what we could do to help accelerate the journey to the Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) through our support of Openstack and other software efforts. This journey is focused on transitioning from a very fixed environment, which represents the data center of the past, to the much more flexible, secure and scalable environment that is the data center of the future.

The workloads are placed into a secure environment with policies and service levels that are managed automatically by intelligent software that learns about the workloads and adapts to business needs. The scale of systems today combined with changing market demands makes the SDI a critical end point for every organization. In the past, there were hundreds of systems to support organizations. Now there are thousands as the role of technology increases through automation, virtualization and coordination. This can become unmanageable without an SDI environment to control and maintain growth. 

SDI in action

As SDI systems mature, the possibilities expand. A key example is with the continuous growth in connected devices and the amount of data that is available. This data can be used to help target the right channels to increase business, as Intel has done by joining web data to sales systems data. This process determines customer interest and allows us to spend time with the customers most likely to adopt products with Intel Inside.

Harnessing and securing this expanded data to improve products and services is a key opportunity for many businesses to increase their value. We can also see the use of this data in other fields, such as healthcare, which is now utilizing genomic information to tailor treatments to individual needs, and can produce an analysis within days, whereas it previously could take weeks. With these new data sources and the decrease in process time, the possibilities are endless.

Intel at HP Discover

While I cannot tell you what announcements are going to be made, I can assure you that our partnership with HP on SDI, Big Data and analytics, and Platforms of the Future will continue to bring solutions that will help every business realize value from their new and innovative ideas.

One particular area that Intel is targeting is, by 2020 to get from genomic sequencing to individual treatment options all in a single day. Solutions like this will forever change the way we interact with technology by improving the way we work, live and play. Until then, I hope you have a great experience at the HP Discover 2015. Reach out to let me know what business platforms you think need to be unleashed to open up the new center of possibilities within your organization.

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Dramatic improvements in compute, storage and network technology are converging with modern software and growth in connected devices. This is enabling new capabilities and connections among people, organizations and machines. Come hear from Intel about how Software-Defined Infrastructure will have a positive impact on IT’s ability to better manage the increasingly complex IT infrastructure and, more importantly, create new and exciting business opportunities.

Ed Goldman

CTO Enterprise Segment, Intel Corporation