Innovative partnerships make education relevant to the next generation

Intel recently unveiled two reference designs aimed at the education market: a clamshell notebook and a tablet, each outfitted with intriguing peripherals and software for educators. Intel will not be selling these products directly, and is looking to its network of partners for these solutions to be delivered to classrooms. Partnerships matter when these solutions have to educate children of the next generation from birth through their growing years. Especially innovative partnerships as outlined by Intel at HP Discover. Effective partnerships are all about complementing products and services with a common objective to make the solutions relevant to the next generation of innovators.

For example, HP helped the government of United Arab Emirates change the lives of children through enhanced education and innovation. The Smart Learning program is designed to help shape the future of education by deploying 190,000 student tablets to 123 primary schools across

the region. The benefits of this infrastructure include personalization of each student's data, easy assessments of overall class performance, and parental supervision of their child's progress.

Education can be constrained, however, by the availability of essential resources, such as power, in different parts of the world. Take for example, East Africa, where there is little-to-no access to normal power sources. To circumvent this, HP implemented solutions that did not require massive power sources, introducing solar power, batteries, and a small ProLiant ML server. Aided by 40 virtual machines, a small 48-port switch and 40 Ethernet cables, the infrastructure required no more than 2.5 kW of power, serving as the launch pad for educating the future workforce.

When it comes to the next generation, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich takes us back all the way to the newborn baby at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. When a Mimo Turtle is attached to a peacefully sleeping newborn in a Mimo onesie, coffee cups a few feet away light up with colorful indicators that represent the baby's motion, breathing, pulse rate, temperature, and etc. Krzanich was delivering the keynote while emphasizing the need for partners, such as REST Devices, to build solutions with the latest Intel processor, code-named Edison.

The New Style of IT opens up opportunities to innovate solutions today for application in real life. But innovation is not a short-term project. Innovation must be sustained in the blood stream of the enterprise; looking forward to the future. So it’s not just about the next generation of innovation, but also laying the path for the next generation of innovators.

Towards the end of his keynote, Krzanich brought to the stage bright young minds of tomorrow who have already shown their innovating capability today – including a sprightly 13-year-old.

Partnerships like those between HP and Intel are vital to innovate on a sustained basis at key intersections, like those at the crossroads of academia and industry.

How about you? What are other steps you would suggest to continuously groom the next generation of innovators? Please let me know.

E.G. Nadhan is an HP Distinguished Technologist with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry delivering solutions in distributed environments.

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