Inside IT: Deploying an Enterprise-Ready Content Sync Solution

In today’s dynamic and multi-device environment, where employees have more than one device to get their work done - there is a need for their content to be available from any one of these devices, and for the data to be in sync, so any changes made on one device will be available on the other devices. Because of this growing need, enterprise customers often use different un-managed solutions to store their "enterprise content". The use of un-managed solutions puts the enterprise at risk for losing intellectual property, hence paving the need for an enterprise content sync solution that will allow seamless transition between devices in a secure manner. Intel IT is currently in the process of deploying a content sync and share solution for the enterprise, to synchronize user data across multiple devices. That endeavor sent them on a search for the right choice for the worldwide enterprise. In this podcast we hear how they assessed the available options, what solution they selected, and how they are in the process of rolling out the content sync solution to 100,000 users. Hear more from Preeta Banerji, Intel IT Project Manager in Client Engineering, and Terry Yoshii, IT Architect with Intel IT Labs as they discuss Intel's enterprise-ready content sync solution.