Inside IT: Evaluating Ultrabooks in the Enterprise

For the past year and half I have had the opportunity to work on the Inside IT radio show series. We have covered a wide range of topics with many subject matter experts, senior Intel IT staff and our very own Intel CIO. The shows have been put together in short, easily consumable podcasts. The lastest show was done around Ultrabooks in the Enterprise. Here is a short summary of the show.

The variety of ways we connect and compute is very different from even a few years ago. And it’s changing all the time. More devices are making their way into the enterprise, allowing employees to be more mobile and more productive. But not all devices are created equal, and it’s important for the IT department to ensure security and manageability – even as it helps promote mobility and productivity. In this podcast we take a look at Ultrabooks with David Buchholz, Director of Consumerization and a Principal Engineer in Intel’s IT Labs. We’ll discuss the use of Ultrabooks in the enterprise, how Intel evaluates these devices, and what to expect as more employees use Ultrabooks in the future.

I hope you will have a listen to this show, and catch up on some of our previous shows