Insights from Intel IT’s Cloud Computing Implementation

We recently captured Intel IT cloud computing experts on camera talking about their experience, vision and IT best practices for implementing a private cloud architecture in a large enterprise environment.  Feedback from the show floor at VMWorld this week where this video was unveiled was great.

Next week, on September 9th at 12pm PST, Das Kamhout, Intel IT Engineer, will be delivering a live webinar and QnA session around both the Intel IT cloud computing strategy and our progress for implementation.  Das recently shared some business statistics with me about how the Intel IT organization has reduced the time to deliver new services via the private cloud architecture from 90 days to a 14 day average.  Das also mentioned that he believes we will be measuring time to service in a matter of hours by end of year as self-service functionality is fully incorporated.

I invite you to learn more about how the Intel IT private enterprise cloud is already delivering tremendous business value for Intel.