Installing Cash Machines in your Data Center

At a recent event our CIO, Diane Bryant, talked about our continued plan to replace old servers in our Data Centers ( Here is a summary of her key points:

  • Not replaceing servers could have costed Intel $19 million due to high maintenance and cooling cost
  • Our plan of refreshing old servers with Nehalem servers will save Intel $250 million over 8 years

If you are an IT manager looking at where you can find extra dollar in your IT budget to invest in new technology, new innovation and new competitive capability for your organization, this must be good news for you! Moreover, if you do nothing, you are opening a hole in your IT budget.

Here is a recent white paper and a video we published to discuss our server refresh strategy and how we are getting the cost benefit Diane Bryant shared:


We have also developed a Server Refresh ROI estimator so you can calculater the amount of savings you can get from these cash machines:

If you ain't satisfied, here is a video showing you how to use the estimator!

Go and install those cash machines into your data centers now! 😎