Integration can be a difficult task for software management

Over the last two years our software inventory solution has evolved as our policies and procedures were adopted throughout the company. We started shifting our primary focus away from inventory reduction (end of life) and I (personally) have began to target other software solutions and how they play in the management of our software (as a portfolio).

That means not only what it is, where it is and who manages it, but now starts to include cost, projects and people. One key contributor to how effective we will be includes how we map our software solutions to an internal capability framework. We are starting to see where we have overlap in features as well as gaps in delivering key capabilities.

Internal we have a few key solutions that contain this information and although it has been a challenge to connect the data, we are making strides towards the total solution.

Our shift towards Application Portfolio Management (APM) has a goal of painting a better, more complete, picture.

It is a challenge.

If you are on the same journey, please drop me a note. Company always makes the drive more enjoyable -- as well as shared learnings keeps us all from getting lost along the way.