Intel® 2 in 1s: Performance and Functionality for Small Businesses on the Move

Modern small business is a fast-moving, competitive ecosystem. With recent developments like 2 in 1s (laptop/tablet hybrids), small business owners are in a great spot to take stock of which technologies are working and whether desktops and towers need to be upgraded or streamlined with slick mobile devices.

Smart business owners are adapting to the pace of business by outfitting their employees with devices that provide the performance and security of laptops in combination with the portability and long battery life of a tablet. 2 in 1s give you what you need to maintain and grow your business — no matter where you are. An Intel 2 in 1 running the full Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is a great companion for the entrepreneur on the go. These lightweight, razor-thin devices offer a full keyboard when in laptop mode, and transform into a powerful touch-enabled tablet when the laptop is removed.


Don’t Let Your Devices Slow You Down

Intel 2 in 1s boast up to 8 hours of battery life, so you can stay connected throughout your busy day. Whether you’re creating a proposal, crunching inventory projections, or catching up with your remote team via videoconferencing, an Intel 2 in 1 is an ideal partner for your day-to-day computing needs.

These revolutionary devices allow companies to maximize their employees’ efficiency by providing them access to crucial documents and communication tools from anywhere. With a 2 in 1, you don’t need to pack a different suitcase just for your laptop and peripherals. These devices are small enough to fit in your carry on and powerful enough to deliver the goods to your clients. Now we truly can work smarter — not harder — to achieve incredible business outcomes. Is your small business ready to take on A Better Way to Work?

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