Intel® 5th Gen 2 in 1s: Productivity, Unplugged

With the advent of ubiquitous high-speed connectivity and the ability to collaborate from nearly everywhere, small businesses are increasingly looking for ways to empower their employees with new technology. According to a recent study, 60% of workers use more than one device throughout the day. This number represents a dramatic shift in the way people are working. With more companies offering flexible and remote working options for their employees, it’s crucial to ensure workers have the tools they need to collaborate on the go. Intel 5th Gen 2 in 1s are a perfect partner for small businesses looking to offer their employees versatility while ramping up productivity.



When a powerful Intel 5th Gen 2 in 1 is in laptop mode, it offers full Windows 8 capabilities. Design, write, prototype, and research with the powerful tools you already know. The 2 in 1’s hybrid capabilities offer touch screens and detachable keyboards, allowing you to quickly shift your focus.


A 2 in 1’s detachable screen allows you to easily share your work with a colleague or annotate a document with ease. Need to collaborate face-to-face? No problem, simply fire up your favorite video conferencing app and chat the way you want — either in laptop or tablet mode.


As your business heats up, you need a device that stays cool, calm, and reliable. 2 in 1s featuring new Intel 5th Gen processors are designed to offer unprecedented computing performance and and battery life. The devices offer fanless cooling and up to 8 hours of continuous battery life, so you can stay focused on that presentation you’re working on instead of worrying about where the coffee shop’s power outlets are.

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