Intel AMT Commander’s Serial-over-LAN scripting

Serial-over-LAN is quite useful for taking control of a computer, making changes to the BIOS and when Intel AMT Outpost or Guardpost is running, getting a management command prompt even when the OS network driver is disabled. What if you have to repeat the BIOS change on 100’s of computers? Say you want to change a BIOS boot option on 100 computers? Or want to test the reliability of a new computer platform? The Intel AMT Serial-over-LAN scripting can help.

Connect using Intel AMT Commander to the Intel AMT computer and select “Take Control” to enter the VT100 terminal. Make sure everything works well and you can connect and perform Serial-over-LAN correctly. Go in the “Terminal” menu and select “Script editor…” and write a script like this one, using the user interface to guide you:

LABEL “start”
RESET bios
WAIT 40 seconds.
RESET powerdown
WAIT 15 seconds
JUMP “start”

You can save the script, and run it. You can also write more complicated scripts to change BIOS options and do more interesting things. There is a command:

WAITFOR “abcd”

This command will wait until the string “abcd” is anywhere on the VT100 screen. This is very useful to wait for the computer to finish booting and to do something after. You can also send string to SOL:

SEND “dir\r”

To send the “dir” command. Terminal scripting is very powerful. It’s also a great way to impress your friends and customers. In a few minutes, you can write a script that will power on a computer; navigate throughout the BIOS screens and shutdown the computer when done. Once you run it, it’s like a ghost is taking control of your computer and going into the BIOS, very cool.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)