Intel AMT wireless options missing on HP platforms

Recent generations of HP laptops with Intel vPro Technology may not show wireless settings for Intel AMT.

The Intel AMT WebUI example below shows an HP9470p system with no listing for wireless settings.


The feature must be enabled in the BIOS of the platform.   The feature will not appear in the BIOS menus, but will appear and can be enabled via a commandline tool within the HP SSM package.    The commandline tool is "BiosConfigUtility.exe".


  • Open the text file and locate setting for Wireless Manageability. 
  • In the example below, the asterisk symbol indicates the set value.   In the excerpt below - the "Wireless Manageability" is disabled.


  • Change the setting to Enable for Wireless Manageability


  • Save the text file.  

The saved text file with BIOS settings can be applied to all systems of that model and similar BIOS settings.

To apply the settings and enable the wireless features:

  • On target HP platform with Intel vPro Technology and wireless not showing, run the following at the command line:  BiosConfigUtility /setconfig:"hp_wifi.txt"


  • Restart the client system for the BIOS changes to take affect
  • Open the Intel AMT WebUI for the system.   The wireless options are now shown and can be configured manually as shown in the screen below or via the Intel AMT configuration profile as defined by Intel SCS.