Intel and HP Team Up in Barcelona for HP Discover 2014

Are you equipped with all you need to know to transform your business in 2015? Come and see what Intel has to say about the technology and business hot topics you are interested in data center, cloud, analytics, storage, big data and clients and our vision of how these are essential to the Internet of Things.

We are very honored to once again be the premier Conference Sponsor at HP Discover and are looking forward to seeing you all in Barcelona this year! As ever, the pace of innovation and change we see in the information technology market continues to excite. No doubt the recent announcement from HP on the separation of its business in 2015 and how this development will position HP for further accelerated performance and clear industry leadership in key areas is going to be a hot conversation topic throughout the three days.

However, let’s stay focused on the leading business and technology solutions that Intel and HP are dynamically collaborating on to bring to market over the next year; we promise there will be no shortage of exciting things for us to talk about as we count down the final days of 2014 and launch into 2015.

800.jpgBetter Business With Intel

This year the Intel showcase theme is Intelligent Business Transformation   powered by your Intel-based data center and business clients. Are you ready for some energized discussions, and keen to learn how Intel technology in conjunction with our partner’s enhanced solutions can help shape your business strategy?

We invite you to come and find us at HP Discover to experience exciting platform innovations and groundbreaking technologies which will change the way you work, live, and interact in the future.

Welcome to the Innovation Station

We’d especially like to highlight one of our Innovation Theater sessions that will explore how the Internet of Things built on the foundations of cloud, analytics, and data center needs to fundamentally protect the privacy of individuals as we fuel the build-out of enhanced services made possible by analytics and cloud architectures. The build-out requires the data center to be more agile, secure, and anonymous. Come and learn how Intel and partners are working toward a world driven by data-rich services that maintain your digital privacy.

Please sign up for Intel sessions when you register for HP Discover and check out our Partner Page to learn how you can start following us on social media.

Finally, don’t forget to get in touch and sign up for the Intel IT Center — we’re looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona!