Intel and Microsoft Mobilize for SAP Mobility

Like it or not, consumerization is a fact of life. Your company’s employees are organizing their lives with smartphones, tablets and mobile PCs. And they expect those devices to help them at work too. If you don’t take steps to support them, you risk that they will take things into their own hands, including actions that put the security of your company’s data in jeopardy.

Luckily, the pieces are falling into place to help you take advantage of the employee productivity and satisfaction inherent in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model.

Consumerization stretches IT along several fronts: integration, security, and user experience. Intel and Microsoft are collaborating on underlying technologies to help you optimize all three. In particular, they are improving access to the enterprise-driving SAP applications that really engage mobile users.

  • The companies are working together to implement hardware-based support for SAP middleware, including the SAP Afaria mobile management solution.
  • They are making it much easier to employ Intel-based platforms for popular SAP mobile apps, such as SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet and SAP Interview Assistant. You’ll find these available by the end of the year.

These initiatives utilize hardware-enhanced security to make it easier to protect the BYOD enterprise. For example, your enterprise can already use Intel® Identity Protection Technology for fraud deterrence, Intel® Anti-Theft Technology to secure data and assets, and Intel® AES-NI encryption. As you see this technology rolling out in Intel-based smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks™ – as well as traditional laptops – you’ll know how to enable each device as part of a more secure, integrated BYOD enterprise.