Intel Announces Strategic Alliance with Google to Drive Technology Innovation for Multi-Cloud, Artificial Intelligence


Discussion of artificial intelligence is red hot in the industry today and is driven by three major advancements: Moore’s Law compute performance advancements, scale enabled by cloud computing and the growing volume of data available to be analyzed. We experience these trends every day as we search, shop and consume information, moving artificial intelligence more every day from the realm of science fiction to the arena of the commonplace. As with many times in compute evolution, however, William Gibson’s words have proven true, “The future of AI is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”

At Intel, we are deeply committed to driving broad proliferation of technology advancements which is why our new strategic alliance with Google, offers promise towards the goal of technology innovation fueled by the scale and performance of multi-cloud deployments, the reach of the Internet of Things, and the opportunities of new workloads like machine learning.

Our alliance is rooted in technology advancement and business acceleration including a focus on optimization of the open source TensorFlow library to benefit from the performance of Intel architecture. This joint work will provide software developers an optimized machine learning library to drive the next wave of AI innovation across a range of models including convolutional and recurrent neural networks. Applications such as facial recognition, chatbot development and robotic control are but a few of the broad applications for the TensorFlow library. We will complete initial Tensorflow optimizations on Intel Architecture by Q1, 2017.

The alliance extends to improving the capabilities of multi-cloud environments with optimization of the Kubernetes open source container management platform. Kubernetes automates deployment, scaling and operations of application containers providing the efficiency and agility required to run enterprise class workloads including emerging AI applications. While we have previously discussed our joint collaboration to drive integration of Kubernetes with the OpenStack platform, today we are extending this collaboration to drive optimizations to Kubernetes to take full advantage of Intel architecture including performance optimizations, improved infrastructure management, and further enhanced security for enterprise workloads.

Code optimizations are already well underway with planned community reviews in the next six months. For example, Intel and Google engineers have already delivered code optimizations that vastly improve Intel Architecture feature transparency to operators, which will improve workload capabilities including virtual network performance and prioritization of shared resources. Additionally, we’ll be working together to integrate Google Cloud Platform capabilities to Intel IoT edge devices to enable enterprise customers with a comprehensive and secure edge to cloud solution.

Google’s technology leadership and commitment to open source is inspiring. Extending our partnership allows us both to reach closer to our shared belief in the power of technology innovation to change lives and business. Please stay tuned for more details, and more results, from this exciting joint work in the months ahead.