Intel® Atom™-Based Tablets Offer a Performance Boost and Optimal Battery Life for Your Small Business

Atom-tablets.pngMost small- and medium-sized businesses don’t make snap judgments on hardware upgrades. The best performance for your buck is paramount. And many small businesses have been slow to adopt tablets and 2 in 1s due to security concerns, despite their flexibility. Just as laptops and desktops are targeted by hackers, tablets have become a target for malware.

The new Intel® Atom™ x5 and x7 processors, available in both Windows® 10 and Android 5.1 devices, can help small businesses put performance and security concerns on the backburner. These processors provide iron-clad security with reliable performance and are optimized for today’s mobile business environments.

Collaborative Tools to Help Build Your Business

Intel® Atom™ x5- and x7-based enterprise-class devices are designed to perform for professionals in any environment, big or small. The Windows-operating tablet features Intel Pro® WiDi, allowing secure sharing to conference room screens without the lag.

Productivity gets a boost from Intel® RealSense® depth cameras in Atom™-based tablets. The camera is the ideal task enhancer for small businesses across various industries — from POS operations and jobs that require precise measurements, to healthcare applications and 3D scanning capabilities.

Furthermore, Intel® Atom™’s 64-bit support allows small businesses to maximize the length of their software investments when upgrading to enterprise-class devices. This cuts down on troubleshooting, speeds up device deployments, and ultimately leads to reduced costs.

Experience Performance and Power Without the Drain

Intel-Pro-WiDi.pngIntel® Atom™ processors provide all of these benefits minus the power zap. Long-lasting battery life means traveling professionals can work longer without stopping for a charge. And Intel-based tablets running Windows can handle multiple programs and windows open simultaneously without slowed processing. The tablets’ light weight and premium battery life could be the perfect solution for small business owners who require powerful hardware both in and away from their businesses.

Real Security: Hardware, Software, and Extensions

Exposing your sensitive data and credentials could lead to irreparable damage of your small business, so Intel® Atom™-powered tablets were designed with a one-two punch of hardware-enhanced security. Security extensions working with McAfee Mobile Security add another layer of protection to stop malware before it begins to download.

Working securely is a snap. Intel® Secure Key keeps your data locked without the productivity drain of long-winded authentication procedures. Other tools in the suite protect data, keep content secure through digital rights management, and secure user identities and keys. Simply put, you can work with the peace of mind that your business information is safe and sound.

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