Intel Cloud Usage Models Are No Myth

The cloud. It’s a pretty fanciful name for such an important set of technologies. But here at Intel, we’re not above having some fun with the cloud. Check out our new infographic Seize the Power of the Cloud for a glimpse of cloud computing from the times of myth.


Actually, we don’t necessarily believe in dragons and unicorns, but the infographic’s message is serious: Build your cloud on the right foundation and you’ll get greater security, more control, and increased flexibility—the very benefits that make the cloud so valuable to your organization.

Security. Don’t let fear of security threats slow your progress to the cloud. Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, built into Intel® Xeon® processors establish a hardware root of trust at the level of the chipset and CPU to assure system integrity. This root of trust helps provide a solid foundation upon which to build secure virtual platforms and Trusted Compute Pools, substantially reducing the security risks of using a virtualized cloud infrastructure by restricting sensitive workloads to trusted resources.

Efficiency. With a fully virtualized network, data flows can be optimized for maximum throughput and flexible allocation of resources. Unified networking over Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit technology allows you to converge your network onto one fabric that can carry all network traffic. This provides richer, smarter transport that can be dynamically provisioned and scaled for all kinds of network traffic, including transport of block-based storage, while maintaining complete virtual machine (VM) isolation on the same physical networking hardware.

Power Management. The cost of energy is no longer trivial, but managing power requires more than a simple on-off switch. Intel power management technologies include Intel® Data Center Manager and Intel® Node Manager, server-based instrumentation plus middleware, that help you cut down on wasted power, monitor and enforce policy-based usage, and consolidate data and server configurations for optimal power allocation.

A security-enhanced cloud with unified networking and power management capabilities isn’t just fantasy. It’s just built on an Intel foundation. Get the full story on Cloud Usage Models here.

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