Intel Core vPro Processor PowerShell Module – Release & Introduction

The initial version (Version 1.0) of the of Intel Core vPro Processor Module for Windows PowerShell  has just released.  Microsoft’s implementation of Windows PowerShell allows IT professionals to achieve greater control and productivity of their environment through a powerful command line shell and scripting language.  With this admin-focused scripting language,  consistent syntax and utilities, the delivery of a Intel Core vPro Processor PowerShell Module will allow IT professionals to extend their PowerShell reach to include direct manageability of Intel Core vPro Processor client independent of Power state or Operating System Health.

The focus areas of the Intel Core vPro Processor PowerShell Module were to:

  • Make available a PowerShell Module that incorporates the PowerShell community best practices / standards in the context of invoking Intel AMT Out of Band Management capabilities
  • Allow the ability to invoke Intel vPro / AMT Use Cases outside a standard ISV environment on a scriptable platform
  • Interoperate with vPro / AMT clients independent on “how” and / or “who” provisioned it
  • Simple enough for an IT Professionals to use w/o learning something new
  • Flexible enough for IT Admins and developers to extend

With this initial release of the Intel Core vPro PowerShell Module, Intel focused on five key AMT out of band use cases:

  • Power Control: AMT Power Management allows you to power up, power down, or perform a power reset on a client remotely independent of Operating System state or hardware sleep state.
  • Force Boot: AMT Force boot allows you to remotely over the network reboot a client to an alternative boot device such as PXE, CD/DVD, or Local HardDrive.
  • Alarm Clock Configuration: A configurable option that allows you to set a specific or periodical interval to wake the Intel AMT Client out of sleep states.
  • System Defense: System Defense allows you to define network security policies, such as filtering out / preventing network traffic from getting to the operating system, while still having the ability to manage the client out of band.
  • 3PDS: 3PDS is a persistent, nonvolatile memory space accessible to write and read data to even when the OS is unresponsive or management agents are missing.

We will continue to look for opportunities to extend and expand the Intel Core vPro PowerShell Module with support for additional AMT Out of Band Use Cases; however, we believe the initial release of the PowerShell Module will provide IT Practitioners and developers a solid PowerShell framework to begin invoking AMT Out of Band Use Cases on PowerShell.

The Intel Core vPro Processor Module for Windows PowerShell can be obtained from the following download location.

--Matt Royer