Intel Gateway Solution Is at the Center of Internet of Things Deployments

The true potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) can only be reached when smart, embedded devices can interact and share data with the cloud, unlocking useful data that can provide new, invaluable insights to an organization. With enterprise embedded IoT demand on the rise, however, organizations are facing challenges of increasing separation, interoperability, and security risks.

To combat this, Intel has created unique, fully integrated hardware and software building blocks designed to connect devices, aggregate information, analyze data locally, and open the communication channel so secure data can flow into the cloud.


Expediting Intelligent Solutions

Available since early 2014, Intel Gateway Solution is a scalable, flexible family of integrated options that include the Intel Quark SoC X1000, Intel Quark SoC X1020D, and Intel Atom E3826 processors. The Intel Gateway Solution has the ability to connect legacy and new systems, ensuring that data generated by devices can flow securely from the edge to the cloud.

“It’s really about bringing together all the critical elements and really accelerating our customer’s time to market,” states Adam Burns, director of IoT Solutions Group at Intel. “We’ve put all the security elements in there so they can start out with a secure system…we’ve got the application environment, so their investment is really focusing on building their value-added applications and services, not creating the wheel on a bunch of foundational building blocks.”

Intel Gateway Solution is commercially ready, integrated with Wind River and McAfee software, and suitable for quick implementation into your own IoT infrastructure — something no one else on the market can currently claim.

Built-In Security

Security is a key building block in IoT. Without security integrated on every level, IoT deployment can go seriously awry. In addition, IoT will never achieve high levels of adoption if people don’t trust that data transferring is secure.

Intel Gateway Solution, coupled with McAfee Embedded Control and Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT 2.1, provides rich enterprise-grade security features — including secure boot, GRSecurity, and IMA, to name a few — for strong support and end-to-end security protection.

The Internet-connected, data-driven era has arrived. Embedded sensors and devices have the ability to transform the enterprise, allowing for greater intelligence, cost efficiency, and value — Intel Gateway Solution is an essential component for any IoT business model, providing endless potential for innovation.

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