Developments in our Intel – Google Cloud Strategic Alliance and the Power of Cloud Collaborations


In November, Google Cloud and Intel announced a strategic alliance to support and accelerate enterprise adoption of cloud. Today, we are happy to report on the substantial progress enabled by the alliance, which is delivering exciting new capabilities with Google Cloud Platform.

Let’s take a look at the progress we’ve made,

The next generation Intel® Xeon® processor family (codename Skylake), is now available on Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform is the first cloud provider to announce Skylake. The Intel Xeon processor supports Intel® AVX-512 instructions to more efficiently run compute-intensive workloads, such as high-performance computing, video processing, and data analytics. Intel will be demoing Skylake for Google Compute Engine Google Cloud NEXT ’17 in San Francisco on March 8-10.

In another notable step forward, TensorFlow optimizations for Intel Xeon and Intel® Xeon PhiTM processors have been implemented and we already started the upstreaming process to the TensorFlow repository.

Next up, we’re preparing IT for a hybrid and multi-cloud world with Kubernetes*, the open source container platform. Intel and Google share an interest in making it easy and attractive to use multiple clouds — both on premises and with cloud providers. Toward that end, Intel and Google are planning Kubernetes workshops in 2017 to educate enterprise customers about how to build on multiple clouds while realizing value from existing on-premises infrastructure.

We’ve also collaborated on an Intel - Google Cloud Platform IOT Developer Program and four IOT edge-to-cloud vertical solutions that target the retail, manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture industries. We’re now excited to share a few highlights of our work together.

Intel® IoT Developer Program with Google Cloud Platform

We’re gaining a lot of traction with the Intel® IoT Developer Program with Google Cloud Platform. This comprehensive program for developers offers, tools, development kits, and a community of experts to quickly and easily turn innovative ideas into IoT solutions.

For example, the IoT Developer Program helps developers:

  • Quickly prototype with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit offering Intel IoT gateway solutions, which combine easy-to-use hardware, software, and tools connected to Google Cloud Platform
  • Gain access to Intel IoT Workshops and Hack-a-thons that provide hands-on, face-to-face training and practical experience for developing IoT solutions
  • Use the Intel® Software Developer Zone and its IoT online community for learning, building, and sharing with other IoT experts
  • Rapidly go from prototype to production with Intel® Software for IoT and Google Cloud Platform.

Responsive Retail Platform

Retailers, in turn, are poised to benefit from the Intel® Responsive Retail Platform at the edge combined with JDA’s Store Optimizer built on the Google Cloud Platform. With Intel IoT and Google Cloud technology, this platform makes retail more responsive by transforming accurate inventory data into dynamic merchandising tasks for store associates. The result is improved customer engagement and increased sales. Thanks to the integration of environmental and customer data, the platform elevates the customer experience through real-time insights, while up-selling and fulfillment become second nature.

3D Image Capture

3D image capture will get a boost from this development: NCTech’s ColourCloud is now hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Neil Tocher, CTO at NCTech, explains that Google Cloud Platform is the obvious choice for NCTech to provide a secure, end-to-end capture, process, and delivery workflow for the company’s customers. He notes, “With the upcoming launch of our new range of VR cameras we’ve migrated our 3D visualizing software, ‘ColourCloud,’ to Google Cloud Platform. This allows professionals and consumers us to leverage Google Compute Engine to process vast amounts of high-resolution depth and image data, making VR capture and delivery a speedy process.

Enterprise Wearable Solution

And, of course, there is the exciting Skylight enterprise wearable solution from Upskill, formerly APX Labs, hosted in Google Cloud Platform. Upskill provides an enterprise software platform for Intel® Recon Jet Pro and other smart glasses that connect hands-on workers to the information, processes, and people to do their jobs with greater efficiency.  Leveraging Google Cloud Platform’s Vision and Speech APIs, Skylight adds metadata and context to images and videos captured, delivering hands-free interactions with smart glasses, while taking advantage of Google Compute Engine for cloud-based deployments.

Precision Agriculture

In another collaboration, precision agriculture is now taking place on Google Cloud Platform. New IoT solutions based on Intel® architecture are enabling the transformation of today’s food value chain into the smart, connected, secure agriculture of tomorrow.

For those of us involved with the Intel-Google Cloud strategic alliance, the innovations that we are talking about here are truly gratifying. We are all deeply committed to the goal of driving the widespread, collaborative technology advancements that will allow enterprises to capitalize fully on the opportunities that arise with Google Cloud Platform, Intel architecture, and the rapid advances in machine learning and IoT.

And, of course, we’re not stopping here. So please stay turned for additional progress reports from strategic alliance with Google Cloud.

You can learn more about Skylake, Kubernetes, IoT Developer Program and our IoT Solutions at Google Cloud NEXT ’17 in San Francisco on March 8-10. Come to see it at our booth!