Intel Health Guide receives FDA clearance

Yesterday, Intel released this announcement on the Digital Health "Intel Health Guide" product and it's clearance by the FDA. This looks to be a very exciting device that will go a long way in applying technology to provide a more personal, human healthcare experience while maintaining care quality.

Working in IT, I have not always had good visibility into the business of Intel. In IT, we talk about "customers" which refers to Intel employees using IT services, not Intel customers who buy and use Intel's products.

However, as a program/project manager in the IT Mergers and Acquisitions team, I am gaining unique insights into how Intel builds products by engaging with customers and understanding needs, not just short term but potentially very long term.

For example, Intel recently acquired a company called WebVMC. While working with the Digital Health and WebVMC folks on the IT integration of that acquisition, I've gained new insights into the direction Intel is going with its businesses around Digital Health.

I'm looking forward to future projects that will help me as an IT solutions provider truly understand the business aspects involved so that the solutions I build and deploy help meet those business objectives. Because at the end of the day, it's not about cool IT technology (as much as we might like it to be), it's about our customers and making a difference in their lives...and how especially true in the field of healthcare.

Great work, Digital Health team!