Intel IDF: ConnectBeam – social bookmarking in a box

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Puneet Gupta, CEO of ConnectBeam discusses his social bookmarking network appliance.

This is a pretty cool thing. Robert Scoble from Podtech has been discussing this idea as something called Starfish, where a persons contributions to blogs, wiki entries, Facebook, Twitter, etc, can be aggregated in a way that puts the content and search in context to the author.

ConnectBeam has created something similar in a turnkey appliance, allowing the users to bookmark, tag and attribute the source author as a tag, so you have a LinkedIn like connection between the content and the contributor.

From an enterprise perspective, this seems pretty handy and a simple way to add social media tools to your business. Because it uses bookmarkng and tagging, it's not necessary to integrate search across your systems, as long asyou get bookmarking adoption. Also you get to see how employees are contributing to content.

Check out ConnectBeam.