Intel Inside, Accelerated Insights Outside: Immersive Data Experiences in Sports

Sensors today are commonplace in sport. Whether it is to gauge entry speed and air time in Freestyle Motocross or turns and jump height in the Big Air or Slopestyle at the X Games, sensors and computing technology enable a deeper understanding of what the world’s amazing athletes are really achieving when they’re out there performing. Cycling is no different. Even keen amateurs track location, heart-rate, and cadence. When you turn professional, there are even more. These sensors produce a constant stream of data about the actions performed by a cyclist. However, this data only becomes interesting and useful once it’s processed through visualization and analysis.

To be able to visualize this data, it needs to be aggregated and prepared for visualization in the data center. However, imagine what could be done if this data is not only prepared for visual representation but also was analyzed for key connections with other data, for example the cadence and heart-rate of a cyclist could be correlated to a particular stretch of road to give new insights into the performance and fitness of the cyclist – from viewing to experience.

Dimension Data is enabling this kind end-to-end solution in the cycling world, working together with Intel and other technology partners. This setup is shown in a mock-up demo in Dimension Data’s Client Experience Centers, a demo — and solution — powered by Intel technology. The demonstration includes:

  • Data analytics on a scalable cloud enabled by Data Center technology and products from Intel, like Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® Solid State Drives and Intel® Ethernet Products. The data center is a vital growth engine, bringing big ideas to life, with the potential to address the world’s most challenging business opportunities and societal needs.
  • The client side visualization is done on Intel® Atom™ processor powered tablets.

Whether it is cycling or precision medicine, smart cities or efficient logistics, there is a real opportunity to be embraced in the billions of smart, connected things to turn your data into a competitive advantage and a growth accelerant. The synergy of data, cloud and analytics provides insights beyond those you have ever seen.

Building your analytics infrastructure on Intel® based solutions allows for innovation and experimentation with a variety of analytics approaches and workloads, so you can confidently begin to move forward with actionable, real-time insights and accelerate adoption of analytics.

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About Stephan Gillich

Stephan Gillich is Director Technical Computing GTM in Intel Deutschland GmbH. He is responsible for the strategy and execution on how to position Intel products in the HPC, Workstation and Data Analytics market in EMEA via a cross-organizational team. He joined Intel in 1992 in its Supercomputing Division as a Computer Scientist. Since then, he has gained broad experience covering Client and Server products in technical, consumer and vertical industry management positions. As a member of the steering board of DVB Organization, he has worked for advanced standardization in the media industry. Recently, Stephan managed Enterprise competitive marketing. He holds a Diploma (Master Degree) in Computer Science from the Technische Universität München.