Intel Inside Program Platform

The Intel Inside® brand represents “World-Class Technology and Manufacturing from Intel”. Intel Inside® is one of the world's largest co-operative marketing programs with hundreds of members licensed to use the Intel® brand on their devices. The Intel brand is a reminder to end users that the devices they are purchasing contain Intel technology and offer performance, quality, reliability, and compatibility they expect from Intel.

Intel Inside Program is the brainchild of marketing genius Dennis Carter who brought Intel into the forefront of marketing and made the world realize the importance of Intel as an ingredient company. This program has been running since 1991 and in the year 2012, Intel CEO and CMO gave the mandate to simplify the Intel Inside Program. As part of this, a ground-up on-premise development was initiated across business processes and technology stack. The business transformation and technology platformization was completed in roughly 15 months. This platform currently serves co-marketing partners worldwide, in 13 different languages, enabling them to create thousands of unique co-marketing activities each year.

Intel Inside Program Brand and Marketing Flow

Intel IT delivers on a core custom capability

SecureOne of the core Intel IT Information Security policies mandates Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) relevant applications that handle financial transactions like the Intel Inside Program to be hosted on-premise physical hardware to ensure appropriate security controls and separation of duties (SOD) are covered.

To ensure this externally available platform which handles marketing funds/payments is safe from hackers, we had 2 external security agencies reviewing our business/IT processes. They also performed an independent in-depth penetration testing to fix any OWASP hackable vulnerabilities. This also enabled us to design-in additional safety nets through layered code checks into the platform.  This prevents any partner viewing other partner’s financial or marketing data even if developers did a mistake in their code.

ExperienceThe business laid down key user experience requirements to offer our partners the best in class experience to engage with the Intel Inside Program. The team engaged with an external creative agency to help build the wireframes and templates that were integrated into a Microsoft.NET 3-tier MVC platform. The key value driver for this effort was to offer a simplified experience for our partners even when the process and data requirements were complex.

It’s a one-of-a-kind integrated marketing and finance application portal that integrates into Enterprise content management solutions for marketing content and layering it over transactional finance content. This was a challenge as it had to meet the flexibility needed by the marketing team for managing content and yet provide the robustness/response time of a finance application into a single portal. The web portal available in the industry lacked these capabilities. The capability was built using a mix of client side AJAX that securely pulled the templated dynamic content from the Enterprise content management solution. The portal supports 13 worldwide languages.

Data Security Protection Components
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Agile Releases: This platform is built to enable DevOps capabilities that allow automated code profiling, build, smoke and regression UI test execution and build deployments to environments as soon as the code is checked into the source control. This ensures very high quality of deliverables due to immediate test execution feedback and enables frequent releases.

Performance: Due to worldwide demand for fast response time and pressing timelines during month ends, the portal leverages content delivery network (CDN) caching to ensure content pages load up in average 5 secs. The site also enabled data archiving to ensure the cold & old data is moved out from the transactional database to reporting systems. The database is also indexed on a regular basis and web/query response times are proactively monitored using Software as a service (SaaS) based monitoring tools. This allows our support teams to proactively monitor the web application health and correlate it with historical patterns to resolve issues. This ensured the pure transaction pages also meet our 5 second response time benchmark.

Enterprise Integrations: As the business process spans across marketing to payments, the system aggregates data from multiple Intel record of origin and record of reference systems to get customer/product master data, exchange rates, sales out data, ticketing systems, exchange service, supplier payments and enterprise message center for external email notifications. This app also enables external customers to email us the proof of performance as a response to an audit-related request, securely extracting email messages from an Enterprise Exchange server using web services. This offers ease of use to partners who do not need to login into the Intel Inside Portal but still email us the documents securely.

AnalyticsThis has an end to end operational analytics capability accessible to both internal and external users. It leverages visualization dashboard using enterprise reporting tools and was the first to land on a Microsoft based external facing business Intelligence platform used by worldwide partners.

A machine learning based predictive fraud detection model learns from historical data to identify possible fraud payment request claims. This ensures the payments made to the partners are for authentic reasons only. Also, it has a what-if analysis capability that helps Intel’s Partner Marketing Organization management to see the impact to program funding and membership if key program design variables were to be adjusted.


Intel Inside Program has continued to run smoothly and efficiently for the last 5 years and continues to meet the demand of Intel stakeholders and external users. This is the most advanced and complete end-to-end market development fund platform at Intel, handling partner marketing and fund payouts for customers worldwide, and multi-million dollars of marketing funds. The platform roadmap continues to evolve; one thing we’re currently working on is advanced automation capabilities that will streamline key elements of the audit process.