Intel IT and NYSE Euronext Talk Business Value of Adopting High End Servers

Back in March of this year, I had the chance to sit with Feargal O'Sullivan and Ken Barnes from NYSE Euronext to discuss our businesses and how Information Technology is being used inside both NYSE and Intel to provide a competitve advantage. After a long time waiting for the video to be finalized, it is now available and I'm excited to share it.

The discussion, captured in this video discusses specifically how, why and where the larger 4-socket server models are being deployed inside our data center infrastructure environments.  The usages varied  across our  individual businesses we are supporting however, we found applications for the newer multi-core Intel Xeon 7500 series servers across a wide range of environments from High Performance Computing, Virtualization, ERP environments, Cloud Computing and more.

Bottom line. While we are each supporting unique business and data center requirements in our respective semiconductor manufacturing and finance industries, the advantages of adopting and deploying the latest generation Intel Xeon servers deliver higher business value in their ability to improve business continuity, deliver higher performance and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in terms of power, space and cooling.

I invite you to listen to our IT to IT panel discussion on you-tube and hear about the IT Best Practices being employed by Intel IT and NYSE Euronext.

Does your organization use larger 4-socket servers?  If so, why and where? (comment below)


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