Intel IT and the Economic Environment

The economic environment is obviously consuming all of our attention.  No one is sheltered from the unprecedented and unpredictable times.  However, facing this environment, we know one thing; companies are relying on their IT groups to increase corporate competitiveness.  These times create an opportunity for the IT organization to shine and deliver business value and a financial return.  In this podcast, I talk about what Intel IT is doing in the face of the current economic environment.  We are extremely focused on programs that increase employee productivity.  These programs range from refreshing our mobile clients for added compute performance, to driving collaboration solutions through social computing and video conferencing capabilities.  Additionally, we cannot slow the momentum of our IT efficiency programs.  We must continue to drive down the cost of running IT.

I hope you find this video pertinent and I encourage you to respond and share your ideas on how IT can drive increased company-wide competitiveness during these tough times.

Thank you,

Diane Bryant, Intel CIO