Intel® IT Center Webinar | Data center optimization through modernized infrastructure


Talk Live with IT Experts

Michael Leeper, Columbia Sportswear Global Director of Infrastructure

Shannon Poulin, Intel VP & GM Enterprise Datacenter Group

Kennedy Brown, Intel Americas Director of Datacenter Marketing

Thursday, October 31, 2013

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

IT is evolving at a rapid pace, and IT professionals are finding ways to provide efficient, cost-effective services to business whether strictly in-house or via hybrid or public cloud services. In the next IT Center webinar, two prominent IT experts will assert that operational excellence begins on premises with a fully modernized data center infrastructure.

Specifically, Intel’s Shannon Poulin and Columbia Sportswear’s Michael Leeper will discuss:

  • The path to software-defined infrastructure:  Up-to-date server processing resources are critical components of holistic, dynamic management and control of cloud services.
  • Why hardware is more than horsepower: The importance of server supportability, lifecycle management, road mapping, licensing, pricing and more.
  • Keeping physical servers current: Methodically retiring legacy infrastructure to take advantage of new hypervisor and OS capabilities, gain higher RAM density, and more.
  • Refining cloud service cost models:  IT becomes a stronger strategic partner by thoroughly assessing cloud service cost models and advertising their value.
  • IT as the broker of trust: Supporting the business based on a definitive map of infrastructure and services inside and out, and placing workloads to leverage specific capabilities and cost models.

Join this live forum, ask questions, and discover ways to optimize your IT infrastructure and the services you provide.

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