Intel IT Expands Mobile Device Support

At Christmas last year, I made a javascript:;to bring my own PC to work and have only one single PC for work, home and travel. That wish hasn’t come true yet. However, on the mobile device front, we do make progress.

Intel IT has been supporting a few models of smartphones to allow Intel employees accessing their emails with those gadgets. I have been using a smartphone to access work email for a few years. I've found it a great productivity tool, especially when I ride the subway to work. Previously, the number of models supported by Intel IT has been limited. With some models, employees can only get email content without attachments due to information security requirements.

In an IT newsletter to Intel employees I read last week, Intel IT announced that we are going to expand the support of smartphones by a large extent. Basically, many devices running the popular smartphone operating systems (OS) will now be supported with both email and attachments. And, it is not limited to the smartphone form factor. Tablets running those OS’s will be supported, too! I have been hearing my colleagues’ wishes that they want to access corporate email from their latest cool personal gadgets. This news certainly answers their wishes, and mine. I believe, in general, this improves employee productivity by enabling them to access corporate email with their device of choice and they can have this capability in multiple devices in their bag or at their home.

Are you accessing intranet and email from your smartphones or mobile devices? How is your IT organization supporting them? Please share your story with us at the comment field below.

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