Intel IT Experts Tour Security Presentation

During the 2013 Intel IT Experts Tour, an audience of IT professionals showed great concern and interest in the challenges of protecting their computing environments from cyber security threats.  As part of Intel’s IT outreach program, I discussed the state of security, IT challenges, and audience’s concerns with protecting their electronic ecosystem, users, and information.

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Key Points:

  • IT and security professionals must communicate
  • Computing trends add to rising complexity for security
  • Malware growth represents investments by attackers
  • People, not just technology, are part of the security problem
  • Attacks are moving down the stack to hardware
  • Layered and Defense-in-Depth strategies are crucial for comprehensiveness
  • Hardware enhanced security enriches protection
  • Intel and McAfee are committed to be trusted security advocates and partners
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Intel security professionals regularly reach out in open and candid discussions to help the IT community. Intel is committed to help keep computing safe and be a trusted advocate of security.

Intel hosts the IT Experts Tour where business professionals can come together and discuss pressing IT and security topics. Find out more at the IT Center and IT Experts webinar and live events page.

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