Intel IT Improves Employee Productivity by Sharing Technology Tips

One of the core roles of any IT organization is to support employees and help improve their productivity.   Improving employee has two fundamental advantages for the business.  First, it makes getting assigned jobs done faster (more efficient business) and frees up employees cycles for increased ability to do more (enables business growth and innovation). Additionally, improving employee productivity enables a better, more satisfying work environment improving employee retention (business stability), not to mention user satisfation with IT.

Personally speaking, when I feel like technology and solutions limit my capabilities, I get frustrated ... want to work less, not more.

When I feel enabled by technology, I get more work accomplished in less time and want to do more.

OK ... you get it ... productivity is good for everyone - the employee and the business.  However, the challenge for any IT organization is that "you can lead the horse to water, but you can't make the horse drink the water".  As IT rolls out new technology to employees, we can't force employees to use the new solutions and often don't have time or resources to teach them how to use technology best.  I am extremely busy with my day often not able to consume the wide variety of new services that are coming from IT  This is a classic product marketing problem - how does IT create awareness and accelerate adoption of new IT solutions inside your business. .

Within the Intel IT organization we have a team that is dedicated to helping educate Intel employees in their adoption and use of technology and services.  For the past five years, the Intel IT Products & Services team has published a bi-weekly internal corporate wide newsletter (we call it "Digital Edge") focused on the technology and solutions available from Intel IT. Over time readership of these newsletters has grown to 70% - exhibiting a clear and sustained value in our approach.

The Intel IT Products and Services team creates and publishes these articles for Intel employees to educate them on a variety of information technology subjects. Our goal is to help employees improve productivity, take advantage of new IT services and raise awareness on other IT topics of interest. Over the past year, we have had requests to share this IT best practice with other IT organizations, so let me introduce to you IT@Intel Technology Tips.

Here are the first few you can start looking at:

We will continue to publish these Tech Tips from Intel IT on

How does your IT organization market new services to your fellow employees - please share your best practices


Chris, Intel IT