Intel IT’s 2007 Performance Report is Published

Each year Intel IT publishes an Annual Information Technology report documenting our key initiatives and how we performed towards them. The is now available. It is noteworthy to state that 2007 was another year of substantial change for Intel IT. Some of the key highlights are:

  • We entered our second year of a multi-year replatformization of our ERP environment.

  • We streamlined our decision making and governance by eliminating 67% of our forums necessary to make a decision.

  • We announced our long-range data center efficiency initiative which is expected to achieve a $1B (US) cost avoidance

  • We focused on standardizing and reducing the number of applications. We removed more than 450 outdated & redundant applications!

We welcome your comments on how we did. I especially would like to hear how your company's evaluate their IT performance.