A Shared Vision for IT Transformation at Microsoft Ignite

Intel and Microsoft have come a long way together. I remember when a competitor tried to needle our combined technology as "cereal box" servers back in the late-nineties dot-com days. Well, the market made its preferences clear – that cereal turned out to be the “breakfast of champions,” and today Intel and Microsoft technology power much of the world’s most-advanced data centers. At the Microsoft Ignite conference this week we are displaying a wide array of advanced technologies and solutions resulting from our longtime collaboration.

IT managers have to move fast and deal with a lot of issues. They don’t have time to endlessly evaluate hardware and software options looking for the optimal combination. That’s why we developed Intel® Select Solution – workload-optimized data center solution configurations that are fast and easy to deploy, verified by Intel to perform, and delivered by our ISV and OEM partners. We developed an Intel Select Solution for Microsoft SQL Server 2016, which will be offered by HP Enterprise (HPE), Lenovo, Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) and Supermicro. Intel Select Solution for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be demonstrated at Ignite by QCT and featured by Lenovo in its theater session.

Increasingly, IT managers are transforming their storage infrastructure from proprietary SANs to a software-defined architecture based on industry-standard servers. For them, we showcase the new Intel® Select Solution for Windows Server Software Defined Storage, an accelerator of the Windows Server Software Defined certification program. The combination of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Storage Spaces Direct creates a complete hyper-converged solution that is scalable, high-performance and cost-effective. DataON, a new partner, has announced its Intel Select Solution for Windows Server Software Defined Storage, and more OEM partners expect to ship solutions by the end of this year. You can find DataON at Ignite providing a demo of the solution in booth #1726.

Hybrid cloud – a coordinated system of both on-premises and off-premises infrastructure – is a key tenant of IT transformation. Earlier this year we collaborated with Microsoft on the launch of Azure Stack, a truly hybrid cloud platform that saves enterprises money and IT resources by providing a uniform cloud environment for workloads operating on-premises and hosted by cloud service providers running Microsoft Azure services. The uniform environment reduces testing and validation burden and helps assure high performance and security for business-critical applications. Azure Stack is built on lntel® Xeon® processors and Intel® SSDs. Intel and Microsoft are proud to announce an Azure Stack solution with Wortmann AG this week. We are hosting a demo at booth #434.

On the Ignite expo floor, there will be Microsoft SQL Server 2017 demos running on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform from Cisco, Fujitsu, HPE, Lenovo, and QCT. And our partner Lenovo announced their intent to develop Intel® Select Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2017, expected to ship by the end of this year. We are also excited to hear about Microsoft’s plans to support Intel persistent memory in future versions of Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft and Intel have traveled a long way together to deliver IT transformation. The amazing things we are demonstrating and announcing at Ignite will enable enterprises to increase their capabilities while saving time and money. Join us at Microsoft Ignite to see what the future holds for enterprise IT or learn more at http://www.intel.com/MicrosoftDataCenter.