Intel Offers Helping Hand to Get IoT Startups to the Finish Line

One of the hottest business trends I’m happy to be in the thick of is the explosion of accelerator programs that help bigger companies mentor and encourage startups into something great. The need is huge, especially in the rapidly expanding IoT space. I’ve noticed that startups often host the most fascinating risk-takers and visionaries, and their energy and enthusiasm is easy to catch. They dream up disruptive products left and right, but often lack the resources to push their great ideas through the pipeline to actual products. Intel’s IoT Accelerator program helps to bridge that gap, and the results are already starting to show.

The gap is vast. A recent white paper entitled “Startups—The New Kings on the IoT Block” looks at trends in bringing new technology products to market. Co-written by Intel and Startup Bootcamp, the report highlights Intel’s growing collaboration efforts, especially with our European partners. Read it - you’ll follow a trio of startups we helped get to market, and gain insights into what the data says about future trends.


The IoT space could grow from 2 billion objects in 2006 to a projected 20 billion by 2020. Gartner has predicted that by 2017, 50% of IoT solutions will come from startups. About 44% of the startups reported working on a solution where the main platform is mobile, while 28% reported working on a hardware product, and 27% on a desktop solution. The average team size for the 100 startup companies reviewed was 5.4 members, of which just over 60% were engineers. And to show how new all this growth is, 40% of the companies had been working on their solution for just 6-12 months.

That’s a lot of new energy. But getting all those products and services to market won’t be easy. Findings from Intel® Labs, Intel research in UX (user experience), and notable workshops such as at the University of Salzberg all stress the importance of smoothing the path to market for new startups in order for the industry to realize its full potential.

This is why I evangelize about aligning with Intel IoT product offerings from the beginning of a project. Teams can dramatically accelerate their Go-to-Market timing with Intel’s assistance—particularly in the crucial early days of product inception. One key is to take advantage of the Design Thinking approach that matches true customer problems with realistic solutions. You probably already know that Intel’s hardware and software capabilities are a big part of the IoT revolution, and thanks to the numerous startups we’ve helped incubate, we’re learning more all the time about how we can get better.

When you become part of the Intel community, you take a big step forward in realizing your dream. You gain access to our exhaustive documentation and training, our helpful community discussion boards, our knowledgeable mentors, and our powerful marketing efforts. You won’t be alone—you’ll have a partner. I encourage you to read the report on IoT startups and review this <a href="http://I encourage you to read the report on IoT startups and review the attached infographic that smartly brings into focus the data behind the trends.">infographic that smartly brings into focus the data behind the trends. Download version 2.0 of our IoT SDK. Then go sign up for the next Hackathon, Maker Faire, Startup Bootcamp, or IoT Expo near you to learn more about how we can help. You’ll see us everywhere, ready to assist you.