Intel Offers Small Business Solutions to Windows 2003 Server Transition Challenge


By now, we’re all aware that support for Windows 2003 servers will be ending this July. You’ve heard about the implications, from slower performance to serious PCI compliance issues. But when you run a small business working on a shoestring IT budget, how do you decide whether a server upgrade is worth the investment?

Check out the answers to three common questions surrounding Windows 2003 to get a better grasp on the benefits of a server upgrade for your small business:

What are the implications if I don’t upgrade from a Windows 2003 server?

There are serious risks to your company’s workflows if you remain on Windows 2003 servers. Without security updates, sensitive data would be put at risk and you could fail PCI compliance. Did you know a lack of compliance could result in Visa and Mastercard refusing to do business with your company? Plus, old infrastructure only holds you back from new tools like virtualization and the cloud. All these could have a major impact.

We’re a small company – we’re not big enough to need a server now, and we don’t want more machine than we can actually use.

The Intel Xeon processor family running Windows Server 2012 R2 provides the perfect scalable foundation for your growing business. Don’t just build an IT infrastructure based on your needs today. Think about where your business is going, then make sure you have the processing power to make it happen.

A new server costs too much money. How do I know the benefits will measure up to the costs?

Every small business is unique, but there are a few factors to consider in this process. First, aging technology requires increasing repairs, longer downtime, and costly halts to productivity. Factor in the risk of security breaches and compliance failure, and consider what that could do to your company’s bottom line. Finally, know that an upgrade could deliver more than seven times the system performance and enable next-generation solutions that drive your business forward.

As your small business needs continue to evolve, you can trust Intel-powered solutions to deliver security and performance. For more information on servers for your small business, click here. To stay updated on Intel Small Business, follow @IntelSmallBiz on Twitter.