Intel Prepares to Transform Leipzig Into a Parallel Universe

For one week in June, Leipzig, Germany will be the gateway to a parallel universe as several thousand HPC nomads gather for the 29th annual International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’14).

Intel engineers, developers, performance specialists and scientists will be out in force at ISC’14 as the stakeholders of the global HPC community search for answers, seek wisdom and share experiences on their never ending quest for increased levels of computation in the world of parallel supercomputing.

So what’s different from last year at the ISC conference? Some would say not a lot. Same convention center, mostly the same participants, and many of the same discussions on architectures, accelerators, and programming environments.

And one other thing that’s definitely the same is Intel’s unswerving commitment to HPC.

But what is different from last year’s conference? Led by Intel Vice Presidents, Dr. Rajeeb (Raj) Hazra (Intel Vice President, Data Center Group, and General Manager of the Technical Computing Group), and Charles Wuischpard (Intel Vice President, Data Center Group, and General Manager, Workstation and High Performance Computing), the Intel HPC team seems to be supercharged – knocking down wins, talking about accomplishments with Xeon Phi, dealing with an overwhelming interest in the True Scale fabric, putting early deals in place for Knights Landing, and working with a growing number of Intel Parallel Computing Centers, leading an unprecedented campaign for Code Modernization.

ISC’14 should be highly educational and quite entertaining. If you want to keep up with where HPC is going, be sure to catch as many of the Intel presentations as you can fit into your calendar. They’ll be pretty hard to miss.

Starting Sunday, June 22nd, Intel speakers will take to the podiums to cover topics ranging from software and application discussions to various forward-looking exascale-related topics. Over the course of five days, exploration of the parallel universe will be guided by seven (7) Intel speakers, five (5) partner demos and more than eleven (11) organizations networking from the collaboration hubs at Intel’s booth.

Demos at Intel’s booth (booth #540) will include the following discussions on accelerating discovery to reinforce that parallel is indeed the path forward:

  • Overcoming Bacterial Diseases – Max Planck Institute
  • Unleashing Petascale Performance for Earthquake Physics – TU Munchen
  • Enabling Scientific & Engineering Breakthroughs – Fujitsu
  • Enabling High Impact Scientific Discovery & Engineering – Julich / BSC / Coria
  • Building Safer Transportation through Simulation-based Design – Altair

Monday afternoon, June 23rd, at 13:00 h, Intel Vice President Charles Wuischpard will represent the Intel team at the ISC Vendor Showdown, and later that evening, at 18:15 h, a widely recognized name throughout the HPC community, Intel’s Raj Hazra, will deliver his keynote, “Accelerating Insights in the Technical Computing Transformation.”

Watch for some very exciting announcements from Intel coming from the International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany (ISC’14), June 22-26, 2014. To stay up to date on all the show news, follow IntelHPC on Twitter and visit our Storify page.