Intel Rack Scale Architecture 1.0 Ready for Developers

By Jay Kyathsandra, Intel

The first Intel Rack Scale Architecture Developer Summit kicks off a busy week for the Intel Developer Forum 2015

Over the past months as Intel has been preparing to roll out Intel Rack Scale Architecture, industry partners, software ISVs, and developers have not been waiting idly on the sidelines. With high interest from cloud service providers, telcos, and enterprises focused on next-generation software-defined infrastructure and big data implementations, Intel Rack Scale Architecture has been developing along with a vibrant and growing ecosystem of supporting standards bodies, OEMs, and ISVs.

Why all the industry support for Intel Rack Scale Architecture? By defining a logical architecture that disaggregates and pools compute, storage, and network resources, rack scale architecture can greatly simplify the management of these resources. Even better, the rack scale approach enables data center operators to dynamically compose resources based on workload-specific demands, enabling user-defined performance, higher utilization, and interoperability—an essential capability for cloud deployments. And now Intel Rack Scale Architecture is ready for developers.

The architecture was officially presented to a very receptive audience at today’s Intel Rack Scale Architecture Developer Summit in San Francisco. Kicking off the event was Ryan Parker, Intel General Manager, who shared insights into the next generation cloud infrastructure trends. Other speakers included OEM partners announcing upcoming products, implementation and deployment scenarios, technical experts, and early customer testimonials. A popular topic, data center security and trends, led by Intel VP Curt Aubley, wrapped up the presentations.

For those attending IDF, there will be several demos featuring Intel Rack Scale Architecture on the show floor in the Data Center and Software Defined Infrastructure Community. Look for more information to become available for solution developers in the coming weeks. Detailed specifications and APIs will soon be available for download on

If you would like to learn more about Intel Rack Scale Architecture and how it will re-architect the data center of today, check out this video.