Intel SSD Data Center Tool 2.2.0 has arrived…


Intel provides tools based on our lines of products and the target, which is Consumer, Professional (IT client), and Data Center. In my area, Data Center, we provide SATA and PCIe based SSD's and for all customers of those Data Center capable products, we provide a single command line tool called the Intel SSD Data Center Tool. Intel provides a global  download center that provides access to most of Intel product related software, drivers and tools. We wrap our bundled drive firmware fixes into these Data Center Tool product releases and of course new features of the tool itself, like an example might be a new Administrative function of the NVMe storage protocol in upcoming releases.

Intel provides essentially the same command line features on each version of the tool for the two popular OS platforms, Windows and Linux. However on Windows you need the Intel NVMe driver, which has administrative capability, for complete usage. The Windows Driver from Intel also gets rigorous testing inside Intel Labs and with software partners, so of course we recommend it. I provide a link to that download below since it relates. On Linux, NVMe drivers should be gained from your Linux OS distribution vendor (e.g. SLES and Red Hat). You can see my other blogs for more detailed "go it alone" help on Linux and the NVMe driver stack.

Please download this Tool and update the newest PCIe (*for P3700 and P3600 products) firmware, if you are seeing issues. Update things like BIOS and drivers and firmware based on need, not on whim.  I have an upcoming blog on some work done with this latest release of the PCIe firmware on a NoSQL workload that is quite impressive at 1k and 2k block sizes. Stay tuned for that... Intel NVMe SSD's can show some very impressive numbers on very small block I/O now, and small block is the staple of very fast databases in the NoSQL arena so that area is important to the rigors of the world's fastest databases, and definitely worth a mention if you are using very small database records.

Version 2.2.0 of Intel SSD Data Center Tool.

Intel® Download Center
NVMe Administrative driver for Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 Server Editions

Intel® Download Center

Have fun with it, I am very impressed with our latest firmware, and I am a end user tester, not the authoring team of the firmware.  So I have to be convinced by the numbers. I have been convinced, some of our biggest software partners have been convinced. Try it out!