Intel® SSD DC P3320 : Provides up to 3.45X faster performance for business analytics solutions compared to SATA SSD

Intel today announced the release of its first 3D NAND SSD – Intel® SSD DC P3320 Series intended to remove storage bottlenecks and accelerate warm storage resulting in faster real time business analytics. The graph below shows you the IOPs comparison between the new P3320 and SATA 3510 giving you a perspective on P3320 performance and its ability to remove the storage bottleneck and improving the overall application’s performance.


A common theme in today’s IT needs is “how fast can I ask a question of my data?”. For example data streaming for real-time analysis require higher data extraction rates and lower query times, data to be analyzed from persistent storage requires it to retrieved faster, content distribution requires high number of parallel reads which in-turn means quicker access. Accelerating overall storage in these scenarios results in faster analytics helping solve “how fast can I ask a question of my data?”.

To demonstrate the capabilities of P3320 vs SATA S3510 in a business analytics workload we did an experiment to compare the time taken to complete the entire 22 queries that exists within the TPC-H specification with HammerDB on 6 virtual users.

P3320 outperformed S3510 by up to 3.45X!

The graph below shows the query set response time (the total time to run all queries in HammerDB) between P3320 and S3510. Lower the response time means it’s better for the overall application’s performance:


With the P3320 at near price equivalence to its SATA counterpart while delivering 3.45X faster performance on business analytics; this drive is fast and affordable!