Intel Teams With Nordstrom and Volumental to Showcase Footwear Sizing

2016 is off to an amazing start for those of us on the Intel PerC team. I’m particularly proud of our work with partners to develop cool—and practical—new applications for Intel® RealSense™ technology. We garnered some great press at CES in January, verifying my view that RealSense is an innovative technology that makers and innovators around the world are going to love.

Case in point - the National Retail Foundation BIG Show 2016 kicks off at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City January 17-19. I’m excited to see our partnership with Nordstrom and Volumental in the spotlight there. At NRF16, attendees will see a new foot scanner that uses RealSense technology to digitally measure feet for an accurate fit while shopping for shoes. I can’t wait to see the crowd’s reaction.

The Intel RealSense F200 3D camera in this use case addresses real-world problems such as those typically encountered by online shoppers or in online marketplaces. Consumers and eTailers need more detail to customize a purchase or to better match to the right items. In this case, Intel’s partner Volumental (known for their 3D algorithms) has developed a software application that takes the guesswork out of measuring shoe sizes.

In just a few seconds, the RealSense kiosk captures several measurements of each foot and delivers a recommendation for shoes that fit. You can imagine how much work went into the prototype – but it’s not done yet. We’ll also be doing some market research while we’re there. We plan to run a user study to gain some perspective on the appeal of buying or selling customized shoes. If you’re there, stop by and check us out.

To me, the Nordstrom project is a great example of using emerging technology in a novel way. I’m very proud of the way the PerC team is reaching out to partners far and wide to harness this powerful camera, in ways we never dreamed of. That’s the real joy for me – unleashing the forces of innovation and creativity across a bigger and bigger ecosystem.