Intel: The Tech Behind Fashion Innovation

Fashion is the intersection of artistic vision and real-world application. Building beautiful styles and looks that people want to wear requires ingenuity, drive, and patience. For many designers and small business owners, it’s often painful to turn focus away from creative design to more managerial tasks. At worst, cumbersome management and record keeping keeps beautiful things from becoming reality.

We believe that part of the mission of technology is to give people more time to create, to explore, and to innovate; our solutions create new horizons for both small business owners and large operations.

Powering the New Retail Location

Without a doubt, in-store traffic is declining. Consumers appear to be less inclined to enter traditional storefronts to make purchases and explore new trends. Intel’s Rachel Mushahwar has spoken about this, specifically how people are taking their foot traffic to much more experience-based locations, like parks, museums, and concerts.

Naturally, one of the responses to this is creating stores that are as mobile and flexible as the customers they serve. The pop-up shop model is seeing plenty of success with startup ideas like Megan Berry’s by REVEAL. The tiny shop comes with two fitting rooms, waterproof facilities, and its own power supply. It can also be deployed in minutes, providing a quick way to create a storefront anywhere the customers are.

But, there’s still another problem to address here: inventory. REVEAL features endless aisle technology powered by Intel that gives customers access to the store’s entire inventory, allowing for purchasing and fulfillment at their convenience. The Intel Responsive Retail Platform provides the connection between inventory and customer with RFID technology that ensures people can get the item they want when they want.

Analytics Give New Insights

IT departments provide the necessary infrastructure and technological expertise to keep an organization running smoothly. But, for many small businesses, there’s no IT department to call for backup. Small businesses like Queen Bee Creations have to manage everything in-house, from storefront operations to an online presence. One of the biggest obstacles for Queen Bee’s Owner Rebecca Pearcy is integrating accounting with inventory. Pearcy uses Shopify to manage her online presence, but keeping in-store and online inventory in-sync has been a challenge.

This is the largest pain point for many small businesses working in fashion. Automation provides the key to unlocking the full potential of a business. Pearcy discovered that by integrating Quickbooks with Shopify, she’d be able to automate much of what she’d previously been doing manually.

These are the kind of solutions Intel powers and supports, giving small businesses the tools to meet and hurdle over incoming challenges.

Aligning Passion With Technology

Bhoomki Boutique was built to bring a more ethical product to customers, and technology helped align designer Swati Argade’s vision with real-world tools and technology. Argade wanted to create more ethical clothing that maintained a high level of quality, partnering with women-owned, labor-compliant factories in India.

She’s been careful to integrate technology into her small storefront in Brooklyn, using a laptop powered by Intel technology. Building her business has been a process, and Intel has a vested interest in the success of her work, as well as the work of small business owners everywhere.

Technology and fashion go hand-in-hand to create the new businesses and creative opportunities of tomorrow. Discover more about how Intel technology benefits the fashion world and small business.