Intel Unite® Infocomm Booth: Demoing the Ability to Never Start a Meeting Late Again

It’s the week of Infocomm and we’re excited to show you our latest advancements to Intel Unite®, our solution for modern collaboration. We’re in the North Hall and Grand Lobby area, booth N1246. Come visit and we’ll show you why we think we’re changing the game in collaboration.

We’re showcasing new ways to join meetings that create ultimate simplicity. We’ve all felt the frenzy of being short on time and then the panic of meetings starting late. Someone is trying to find the number to dial into the meeting, another is trying to connect to Skype and the presenter is frantically looking for a dongle to present their content. Why isn’t it as easy as opening your device and having the room recognize you and automatically join? Well now it is with the Intel Unite® solution and we’ll show you some cool advancements at Infocomm. This includes a demo of our Ultrasonic Meeting Join capability, where we use ultrasonic sound waves to automatically connect a meeting participant to the collaboration session.

As the workplace continues to undergo dramatic change with the creation of new spaces and ways to connect with your peers, we’ll also show ways to create ad hoc collaboration turning digital signage into Intel Unite® collaboration sessions, creating dynamic productivity.

We’ll also participate in a series of event panels that we think will provoke some good dialogue about where the industry is headed. Here’s our schedule:

  • AV and IT in the age of PC collaboration – Wednesday, June 6th, 8:00am-9:30am
  • State of the UCC Industry Lunch and Learn – Wednesday, June 6th, noon
  • Transitioning to a Digital Workplace – Thursday, June 7th, 9:30am-10:30am
  • UC Ecosystems and the Millennial Workflow – Thursday, June 7th, 3:00pm-4:00pm

As part of our broader efforts to innovate in a way that solves real problems for customers, we worked with Forrester on a report, “Beating the Meeting Blues with Better Technology”, looking at the broad state of meeting collaboration. Forrester found that 82% of their respondents indicated their biggest challenges are a lack of integration of meeting room technologies, and overly complicated technology.

Our approach to create plugins with Intel Unite® is one of the ways we’re addressing this issue for customers. We’re able to integrate existing technologies in meeting spaces with the Intel Unite® solution that creates an easier experience for participants. Instead of separately managing multiple technologies in a meeting, we simplify and automate that experience through the Unite app. That said, we’re excited to add a new plugin to our portfolio:

  • The new Intel Unite® Plugin for Re Mago. This creates state-of-the-art experiences in how we use digital whiteboards in meetings to collaborate and share ideas. We’re bridging the power of the Intel Unite® solution to easily connect and wirelessly share content in meetings with Re Mago’s interactive whiteboard to convey ideas, share notes or brainstorm ideas. The cool thing is you can use Re Mago’s technology to make a static whiteboard dynamic and share that information through Intel Unite so remote participants have an ‘in-room’ experience. Download it here:

In addition to creating new experiences that make collaboration even easier for end users, we also are committed to making Intel Unite® a frictionless deployment for IT. The Intel Unite® solution now integrates with Microsoft Active Directory* to simplify managing access to the Intel Unite® admin portal and streamlining hub configuration. You can now associate an Intel Unite® solution hub configuration profile with an Active Directory organizational unit (AD OU).

When you join your Intel Unite® solution hub to Active Directory and place it in an OU with associated configuration profile, that profile is automatically applied to the hub without requiring the administrator to associate it manually. Bottom line is this makes an IT professional’s life easier, automating the process and saving them valuable time.

If you want to learn more about what Intel Unite® can do for you, please see us at our Infocomm booth. In the meantime, check out our Intel Unite® site for more information.

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Michael Nordquist

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Michael Nordquist is the Director of Strategic Planning and Architecture in the Business Client Group. He has overall product planning and architecture responsibility for Intel’s business client platforms, including the Intel® vPro™ brand, across all desktop and mobile platforms. Nordquist has held a variety of sales, marketing, planning, and management roles since joining Intel in 2000. Prior to running product planning for the Business Client Group, he was the director of strategic planning focused on phones, tablets, and our Intel® Atom™ microprocessor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Babson College.