Intel vPro Technology: Built to fly business class

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Business-Class Technology

I recently blogged about how I define business-class technology and what separates it from the pack. It’s no longer a luxury, but a necessity (unlike that upgrade from coach … definitely a “nice to have”).

IT professionals need to protect sensitive data while giving users the mobile tools they need to innovate and collaborate. Intel vPro technology has the chops as business-class technology that delivers this balance: It’s designed to strengthen security and increase productivity across your business.

An inside look: How Intel saves time, money

Intel IT has been using Intel vPro-based processors as the Intel corporate standard, and they recently revealed four specific use cases. The bottom line? With powerful remote management capabilities, they’ve cut costs and reduced downtime, resulting in greater productivity across the business—even though IT is present at only about one-third of Intel’s physical sites.

vpro use cases infographic.jpg

Consider this:

  • We’ve reduced the time to resolve password resets by 80 percent.
  • On average, we’re saving remote employees more than $100 (U.S. dollars) on shipping and more than 10 hours of employee downtime with Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) Remote Control and ISO mounts.


Are you using Intel vPro technology in your business? If so, what benefits have you realized from this technology?

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