Intel wins the 2013 CIO 100 award!

CIO Magazine announced their annual CIO 100 award winners and I was happy to see that Intel made the list. Intel was recognized for its Security Business Intelligence (SBI) platform that was developed by Intel's IT organization. This custom analytics solution enables the security team to filter and distill specific event logs from over 6 billion events recorded daily. This solution is helping to improve compliance, better protect high-risk assets and provide a faster, more intelligent response to advanced persistent threats.

This is a great story because it's also showcasing the use of Big Data and business intelligence to improve efficiency and reduce risk. It's great to see that Intel and other companies are being recognized for the business value they bring to their organizations through the unique and innovative use of Information Technology. For more information on SBI, check out this white paper: Fast Threat Detection with Big Data Security Business Intelligence.

When I think of Big Data, I don't normally think of information security. I'd love to hear how others are using Big Data, business intelligence and advanced analytics to identify new revenue opportunities, increase productivity or reduce costs.