How Intel Xeon processor E5 v4 Family Quiets “Noisy Neighbors”

Imagine you’re sitting down to study for that big test or to prepare for a big presentation. You’ve got your tea, some brain food on hand, and you’ve secured some peace and quiet. It’s the perfect situation to get work done efficiently. Then, all of a sudden, the garage band next door decides to start practicing and your ideal work scenario is ruined.

The same kind of situation can wreak havoc on efficient cloud computing. A co-tenant workload can gobble up bandwidth and resources that, just like an actual noisy neighbor in our studying scenario, affects work performance.

Cloud optimization experts AppFormix looked to solve this problem with the help of the latest Intel Xeon® E5 v4.

Monitoring the Cloud

Like a landlord seeking to enforce quiet in your building, you can’t keep your cloud infrastructure optimized without understanding where the issues are — such as an application using too much cache and causing another, potentially higher priority application to slow down. Intel® Resource Director Technology (Intel® RDT), part of the Intel Xeon E5 v4 product family, delivers an unprecedented ability to monitor and control the allocation of resources within your cloud infrastructure. In short, Intel RDT helps you track down the “noisy neighbor” so you can assess and fix the issue.

“Using Intel’s game-changing Intel Resource Director Technology,” AppFormix founder and CEO Sumeet Singh explains, “we're giving operators and developers unprecedented visibility into and control over how applications run at the processor level, solving thorny real-world problems like noisy neighbors in real time.”

Quieting “Noisy Neighbors” to Boost Performance

AppFormix’s goals were increased web server performance via improved visibility into memory bandwidth utilization, control over last-level cache usage and prioritization, and improved isolation in code and data caching. With its software suite optimized to take advantage of Intel’s Cache Allocation Technology (part of the Intel RDT portfolio), AppFormix reduced “noise” to gain performance boosts. For customers, what this translates to is the potential to achieve better throughput for high-priority workloads and better performance predictability — improved efficiency and resource optimization made possible with the Intel Xeon processor E5 v4 Family and Intel Cache Allocation Technology.

Don’t let noisy neighbors slow down your hardware’s performance. Learn how the Intel Xeon E5 family can improve data center performance to optimize your business with boosted efficiency.