Intel Xeon Phi 5110P Now Generally Available – Time to make the right hand turn.

For 5 years.. Intel® has been playing the role of the in car navigations system or smart phone… we have been saying to the Technical Computing industry “Get in the right-hand lane, get ready to make a right hand turn --- parallelize your code, thread and vector your application, take advantage of the performance we have and be ready to take advantage of breakthroughs in the future.

Its time to take the turn.

Intel Sr. VP Diane Bryant announced our product line at Supercomputing 12

diane sc12.jpg

We are very excited today to announce that the Intel Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor 5110P is now generally available.   The Intel Cluster Studio XE 2013 development software tools required to use it are ready, the platforms to support it are ready, and the product itself, shipping to a select few for 4 months or so… is now available to help bring insight to the toughest problems in the industry.

It brings along over a teraflop of peak performance on a chip, the architecture behind the #1 system in the Green500.  7 systems deployed and listed in the Top500 in mere weeks prior to SC12.  Major achievements in performance, performance per watt and programmability.


(NICS Glenn Brook at SC12)

Now… I keep cars for a long time… I still have my 1985 Honda Accord … I am a little stubborn about sticking to the path I am on.. I like the confidence of knowing how I am going to get where I need to go…  I know I probably would be better off with more airbags,  a more powerful transmission, heck even a glove box that works…

So I sympathize with those who haven’t made the turn to parallelism…

You want to keep the car you know…

And That’s fine.. as long as you aren’t in a race..

Today’s technical computing is a sleak luxury sports car.. Parallelism enables HPC customers to not only open up the throttle, but use all of its gears…

If you are doing technical computing today, your imperative is to drive insight faster, gain ground on the solutions more accurately, find the finish line as soon as possible.

To compete, you must compute.

If you are Audi making cars, or Dreamworks making movies, or Intel making chips, or a researcher making new science… you probably wont win without taking advantage of all your data and using all the compute your systems allow.  That requires exploiting parallelism…

At least get the best out of the Xeon Processor based Workstation or cluster you have… but If you have highly parallel workloads, its worth considering Intel Xeon Phi products as well.  Dreamworks is finding that adding Intel Xeon Phi is speeding their movies into production faster.  Customers like NICS are saying Intel Xeon Phi is delivering “unparalleled productivity”.

I get annoyed when my cell phone says “Please turn around .. if possible.. you missed a turn”