Scaling Skyward: Software Solutions With Xeon E7 v4

Across the board, industries have turned to big data analytics for better insight into their own processes and customer needs. To stay competitive, big data analytics platforms are optimizing their software to run on powerful processors, producing more complex and actionable insights faster than ever.

Regardless of your business’ segmentation, the Intel Xeon processor E7-8800/4800 v4 product family is the best choice for scaling upward. Xeon E7 delivers in-memory computing that handles demanding data and transactions with ease. Let’s dive into what the newest generation of the Xeon family brings to the table, and take a look at how some of the software companies worldwide are optimizing their applications for the latest Xeon E7 v4 platform, to deliver exciting performance breakthroughs.

Keeping Pace With Big Data

Big data in all industries continues to grow, and shows no signs of slowing. In-memory data management facilitates immediate data access and allows businesses to use it in more actionable ways.

Enterprises are encountering larger data volumes and more complex workloads, and Software AG’s customers were no different. By optimizing their Terracotta database for Xeon E7 v4 processors, they’ve been able to speed up data processing and improve predictive analytics, delivering real results for their customers.

Those customers are able to meet those business challenges and in fact they are able to do more interesting and more useful things with their data,” says Principal Software Architect at SoftwareAG, Dr. Mark Horsburgh.

Boosting Database Performance

Predictive analytics are only part of the solution. Databases need to also support the immense data volumes that come with analytics solutions. In big data analytics, he underlying server hardware must deliver Screenshot 2016-07-28 13.53.16performance, memory capacity, reliability, and advanced security. Many times, significant business and operational decisions rest on the speed of these databases. Nomura Research Institute, whose BOS software translates operational data for real-time business analytics, saw a performance boost of up to 24 percent using the Xeon E7 v4 processor. NRI’s customers in retail, telecommunications, and e-commerce are able to make faster, better-informed decisions based in hard data.  

Other industries are benefiting as well. Financial services customers are finding huge gains with Xeon E7 v4. AsiaInfo ADB* is a scalable database for online transactional processing, specifically targeting mission-critical processes (such as online charging systems – OCS – that are common in the Screenshot 2016-07-28 14.01.41financial services industry) that require high availability, throughput and flexibility. With the new Xeon processor, AsiaInfo’s customers have seen a 27 percent performance increase compared to the previous generation (from just a year ago), and up to a 78% performance improvement over older systems, translating to tangible business benefits such as higher transaction throughput and reduced server downtime.

Answering Enterprise and Industry Demands

Data center virtualization is a huge undertaking, but more and more industries are taking the leap for enhanced accessibility, speed, and processing performance. Huawei's FusionSphere, a backend virtual cloud computing solution, saw a record-breaking 1.25 times increase in performance over the previous generation.

As data collection improves, data sets become more complex and time-sensitive every day and customers expect results quicker to keep pace with competition. Many turn to Kx Systems’ kdb+ database and its accompanying query Screenshot 2016-07-28 14.09.40language for a deep handle of streaming data flows, and the database must scale. A key component of the Xeon E7 product line is its large memory capacity, which has consistently increased in size with each generation. With the latest Xeon E7 v4 and 6TB of memory, query performance with kdb+ in-memory workload, performance increased by 2.8 times compared to Xeon E7 v2.

Faster databases and speedy data analytics that keep pace with big data are at your fingertips. Discover more software innovations powered by Xeon E7 v4 and learn how it can change the future of your business. You can also continue the conversation on Twitter, at @mikeapmap and @IntelITCenter

By Mike Pearce, Ph.D. HPC Developer Evangelist