Intel Xeon Processors Power Video Game Creation


Did you know that some of today’s top-selling games have production budgets that rival or even exceed those of Hollywood movies? Young game developers have a bright future ahead of them, with the opportunity to create increasingly complex and exciting worlds that can have significant cultural impact as well as commercial success.

However, rising to the top of this highly competitive industry needs a lot of work and dedication. Those that want to break into the field are able to start early, with a number of universities now offering software development degrees that specialize in gaming.

Game Development at the Collegiate Level

When University Campus Suffolk (UCS) opened its doors for the first time in 2007, its bachelor’s degree course in Computer Game Design was a key offering in the prospectus. The course has been popular ever since and UCS has built a name for itself through its high quality teachings and the success of its students and graduates, such as the pair that won the Walking Dead game jam in October 2013.

It’s not just about the people though; like any other craftsman, the game maker needs the right tools to create a masterpiece. Compute-intensive tasks, such as 3D modeling and real-time editing demand workstations with strong performance. As an educational institution with budget constraints, UCS needed to achieve this performance while also being mindful of the energy consumption of its development lab and making it an effective learning environment.


Powerful Gamers Deserve Powerful Processors

When students started doing more coding at home than in the lab due to their home PC’s greater ability to cope with the computing demands of their project work, UCS decided to invest in upgrading its resources. It replaced its aging consumer PC fleet with 47 CELSIUS M730 Fujitsu workstations powered by Intel Xeon processors E5-1620 v2 product family, consciously choosing the type of platform that its students can expect to experience in their professional careers. You can read more about the deployment here.

The new machines combine the performance that tomorrow’s star game developers need to hone their skills, while also offering the price performance that the university’s finance team demands. You can hear from the team themselves about how the cooler, quieter, enhanced performance workstations have improved the classroom environment by watching this video.

Jane Williams
Online Sales Development Manager
Intel Corporation