Intel’s Digital Signage Expo 2017 Recap

If you were in Las Vegas at the end of March and casinos weren’t your mission, it’s a good bet you were in Sin City to check out some advanced signage technology. Intel was in attendance at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the fourteenth annual Digital Signage Expo, the world’s largest and longest-running trade show focused on the growing digital signage technology industry. Making digital experiences starts with Intel, a mentality highlighted at the Intel booth with numerous product demos and solutions. Intel’s Global Director of Visual Retail and Digital Signage, Jose Avalos, hosted a keynote luncheon as well — all efforts pushing Intel’s role in the boundless possibility digital signage tech will deliver to the retail market.

If you weren’t able to attend DSE 2017, here’s what you missed.

Intel’s DSE Booth Demos

Unified commerce can be a huge boon to businesses, but where do you start? Digital signage is the incredibly important asset you need when it comes to consistent messaging. Across numerous vertical industries, Intel’s booth featured demos of all kinds that used compelling content to reach consumers and help grow business. From ViewSonic Interactive Whiteboards for educational use to Intel’s Visual Data Device (VDD) that decreases WAN bandwidth while delivering local control to manage multiple digital signs, demos to create transformative and interactive scalable digital solutions were on full display. Adroit Worldwide Media’s (AWM) Automated Inventory Intelligence shelf solution showcased reliable inventory tracking and audience measurement. When it came to reaching audiences via shelves, AVA’s Retail SmartShelf solutions were all about engaging and educating. And CIVIQ’s WayPoint Public Kiosk, built on Intel’s Public Kiosk architecture on two interactive screens, as well as Zivelo’s Interactive Kiosk, displayed exciting new ways of attracting customers.

Here are the rest of the demos Intel and its partners had at the show:

  • Ads Reality Augmented Reality Window: A mesmerizing augmented reality experience with trackable results!
  • Edge I&D Interactive Whiteboards: An education-focused interactive whiteboard with dynamic advertising based on Intel’s OPS+.
  • Instore Screen Integrated Retail Digital Signage: This fully integrated, low voltage, in-shelf digital signage is built to attract customers.
  • NEC Video Walls: Along with DISE and onActivity, attendees witnessed the possibilities of video walls and interactive flat panels enabled with Intel Smart Display Modules.
  • Shapedmedia Smart Displays: Think outside the box with signs shaped like surfboards and skateboards, smart windows, and endcaps featuring analytics that evoke sensory response through visuals, smell, and touch.
  • VSBLTY Video Display with Analytics: This floor display features transparent, interactive video and boasts audience analytic capabilities.
  • Xogo Decision Signage: Meet in-market interactive signage that combines IoT-triggered contextual content with advanced assisted selling concepts.

Intel’s DSE 2017 Events

While Intel participated in many talks and panels at DSE — here’s the full schedule — there were two major events. The first happened before DSE and featured Intel global senior industry advisor David Dobson, Digital Signage Today editor Bradley Cooper, and Intel technical sales specialist Dane Oldridge discussing digital experience management, implementation of digital experience platforms, and much more. This webinar, “Reaching Shoppers in the Moments That Matter,” can be watched online after registering.

The other event, one of the main showcases of all of DSE, was a keynote panel moderated by Jose Avalos. “Intel Power Lunch: OOH 2.0 — Re-Imagining Consumers' Interaction, Connectivity and Advertising” delved into the present and future of digital signage with panelists from Ayuda[x], the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, Stratacache, Intersection, and Keurig Green Mountain. The group discussed Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and its ability to reach customers, as well as how digital signage can grow by taking a new look at consumer interaction, connectivity, intelligence, and advertisement.
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